3 Delicious Foods In Bali You Must Try To Act Like Local Balinese

It seems incomplete to visit Bali without trying the delicious foods there. Indeed, Bali is not only popular because of its beautiful destinations but also its food. So, ensure to taste delicious foods in Bali when you have a plan to trips to Bali. Here are some foods you should try there.

Taste the Unique Sensation of Nasi Campur 

Nasi Campur or mixed rice is a plate of rice with a variety of condiments. You should try this meal to be just like a local Balinese. Yes! Local people love to eat nasi campur for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. 

The standard condiments on this menu include grilled chicken, beef curry, sambals, crackers, and vegetables. It will be great to buy nasi campur in street stalls around your place. The taste is more authentic since it is made by the local Balinese. 

Best of all, you can feel the way Balinese spend their time in the morning while enjoying nasi campur. It makes you feel like a local. 

Eat Fish in Different Meal 

Eating fish seems to be ordinary for some of you. But what if eating it in the form of fish satay? In Bali, this menu is known as Sate Lilit Ikan.

They take all the meat of the fish and smooth it. Then, the cooks will mix the smooth fish meat with seasoning. This ingredient is molded around a lemongrass stalk or wooden stick. 

The thing that makes this food so tasteful is that the fish is grilled over charcoal. It strengthens the taste of the season, fish, and aroma. Sellers offer this menu with healthy sambals and vegetable salads. 

This menu is also popular among street stalls in Bali. Fish lovers will say that fish satay is also one of the delicious foods in Bali. 

Taste the Freshness of Lawar 

You may find this food only in Bali. It is known as Lawar. It is made from minced pork, young jackfruit, coconut, chilies, spices, and fresh blood. 

Yes! This menu is using fresh blood! Yet, it is okay if you don’t want to use this ingredient. Tell the sellers if you don’t want it. 

Besides using pork, local Balinese also use dragonfly and turtle meat. The taste is fresh and spicy. Balinese also eat this as breakfast, along with rice. Imagine that you are about to eat a Balinese meat salad. 

So, don’t miss to taste these three delicious foods in Bali. Your mouth will get a new and unique taste after eating the meals above. The interesting part is that you can ask a local person when eating their favorite meals.

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