Bali All on 4 dental implant

Bali all on 4 Dental Implant : What are They Like?

Dental implants in Bali are no longer a stranger to us. Now, more and more people are interested in doing dental implants in Bali. One of many implant treatment that available in Bali is the all on 4 dental implant procedure which is increasingly in demand. However, actually not many people understand about this one Bali dental implant procedure.

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Therefore, this article will provide a complete discussion of these dental implants. So, this is very important for those of you who want to do dental implants while having your holiday, in Bali. Please read until the end of the article to understand more about this type of Bali dental implant procedure.

What is All on 4 dental implant?

This type of dental implant is often referred to as a full mouth rehabilitation dental implant. There are also those who call it a full Arch dental implant. So, this implant provides a method of placing 4 to 6 dental implant screws that must be installed simultaneously in each jaw during surgical process. This 4 or 6 dental implant placement are spread in your jaw bone (each at right posterior(back) and anterior(front) area, which the one in the posterior (back) are place tilted 15 to 30 degrees in order to gain more support for the following restoration. Normally one day surgery for 1 jaw and 5 days after for follow up and stitches removal are needed for all on 4 dental implant placement. If you need both upper and lower jaw done, our implantologist may split the surgery time for two days consecutively, depend on cases.

At the same time, if the bone situation is good and safe, the temporary bridge prosthesis made from acrylic also can be attached to each of these implant screws in order to connect it to the bony part of the jaw. So, within one day, the teeth were set in the jawbone and you can have your smile back immediately, yeayy!

As other dental implant procedure we do need to wait 3 until 4 month for the integration of dental implant to the bone, we call it osseointegration process. If everything okay after that time period, and checked by taking another 2D x-ray to confirm, we can continue creating the permanent bridge restoration.

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Restoration of all on 4 dental implant

Restoration of all on 4 dental implant consist of 3 to 4 appointments from the beginning until finish. There are certain types of restoration for dental implants such as :

  • Metal/titanium bar combine with bio-hpp and ceramage crown restoration.
  • Metal/titanium bar combine with bio-hpp and zirconium crown restoration
  • or a full zirconium restoration.

The use of all material above will be depend on what type of jaw bone that you have to support your dental implant.

What are the Benefits of Doing All on 4?

After understanding the definition of Bali all on 4 dental implant, now you also need to know the benefits of having these implants. So, this type of implant is very good for replacing several damaged teeth at once. For those patient that have significant tooth loss and possibly jaw bone loss as well who can’t benefit from vertical implants. Bali all on 4 dental implant treatment allows patients with bone loss to get secure, aesthetically pleasing implants without the need for bone grafting.

So, the area where there are no teeth will be replaced with a complete denture. In fact, there are studies that explain that as many as 98% of these dental implants procedures show successful short-term and long-term treatment.

Having these implants will also give your teeth a natural look. This can also be a permanent solution because these dental implants last longer. In addition, this implant is also easier to do. These implants are also strong and durable, a procedure that can be completed in one go, and fewer implants have to be placed.

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What is the Steps of Doing All on 4?

In general, the steps of this dental implants consist of two. The first stage is consultation, supporting examination as well as 3 dimensional radiograph examination to determine the jaw bone thickness, implant and bone graft placement (if necessary), as well as temporary denture installation. The second stage is dental molding, measurement of the dental structure, testing, and also fitting of the teeth.

Generally, you have to come to the dentist first and consult about your dental problems. Then, if you really have to do Bali all on 4 dental implants, the doctor will carry out several supporting examinations including dental X-rays. With dental X-rays, the doctor can analyze and determine the right treatment for your teeth.

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