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Dentures in Bali Family Dental Care are no different than other country such as Australia, America, or Europe. Dentures in Bali are a trusted and effective way to replace missing teeth in your upper or lower jaw with a removable oral appliances which custom made to fit your missing teeth area either in the back or front esthetic area making them feel and look as natural as possible. Dentures in Bali are craft by dental technicians from materials like acrylic, resin, and metal. It also have couples of type like full dentures or Partial dentures.

What is the difference between full and partial dentures?

<em>Partial denture full denture implant supported denture<em>

A full denture is a removable acrylic base, which sits over the gums and replace the whole missing teeth in each jaw. This dentures will be made to look as natural as possible and also fix the bite relation between upper and lower jaw.

Full dentures in Bali consist of artificial teeth and a gum-colored base acrylic which will work as an attachment area to your gum. Our dentist in Bali Family Dental Care and their technician will make a custom fit full denture to your jaw to make it comfortable and fit, but if your bone condition is already flat using a glue for full denture will help the fitting.

A partial denture in Bali is attached to the teeth either side of the gap and if you’re missing several or most of your teeth in one or both jaws, partial dentures may be an option. They are also used as an alternative to a bridge to fill gaps in your teeth. Same like Full dentures, partial dentures may have a base plate made of plastic, valplast, lucitone, or acrylic and sometimes they are metal supported. Those made with metal are stronger and lighter, but are more expensive. 

Partial dentures in Bali also have special clasps that hook around your remaining natural teeth, providing additional stability and similar to full dentures, they also rely on your gums and underlying bone for support.

Implant supported dentures in Bali is basically the same with a full denture which cover the loss of all teeth in one or both jaw. The difference is they are connected to an Implant (minimum two implants) as an implant supported dentures. Generally this type of dentures is still removable with a ball clicking mechanism, or magnet attachment mechanism, some are made permanent to the implant with additional metal bar support.

How to get your own dentures in Bali?

First, you can contact us here, to book for a consultation with our dentist in Bali Family Dental Care. Our dentist will examine your mouth, including your jaws, is there any gums issues and any remaining teeth. Sometimes they do need to take a Panoramic x-ray to see the bone condition of your jaw.

Then, after the dentist said that you are eligible to have a denture, the dentist will start the denture procedures by take an impression of your mouth. You will be consulted on the shape, size, and colour of the artificial teeth in your dentures. This information then, will be passed to our lab to create and personalized your own denture.

Before they are complete, sometimes for full denture, our Dentist in Bali family dental care need to have a trial fitting for your denture as one of denture procedures in your mouth which need you to come back for that. This is to measure and try the teeth relation for aesthetic purposes and to check for bite relation too.

Once it complete, our dentist will do final fitting of your denture and do final denture procedures adjustment. They’ll carefully look for any areas that put excess pressure on your gums and make any necessary final adjustments to your denture. It’s important to understand that it usually takes several office visits to achieve the desired fit. This is because the soft tissues in your mouth will need time to adjust to your denture.

denture in bali before
<em>Denture in Bali Family Dental Care before fitting<em>
denture in bali after
<em>Denture in Bali family dental care after fitting<em>

What are the dentures benefit and drawback of using a dentures?

Having a dentures give you the smile that once loss and able to enhance it to a certain level. Not only do they fill the gaps in your teeth but they also help maintain the overall structure of your mouth, especially around the cheeks and it also able to bring back the loss of vertical dimension area of your jaw or face. Improving your mouth chewing function and speech function also the benefit of having a denture benefits in Bali Family Dental Care.

Dentures also have their problem that you need to understand, especially traditional removable dentures. For instance, many traditional denture wearers complain that their appliances shift, wobble or slip out of place when they’re speaking or chewing. In addition, your jawbone gradually shrinks following tooth loss, leading to facial collapse (like sunken-in cheeks). It takes weeks for you to adapt to the new denture, and adjustment to your dentist in Bali Family Dental Care is a must in couple of visit. 

How to take care of your dentures?

In order to make your denture last longer, here are a few things you can do to help protect your dentures:

  • Remove your denture at the end of everyday.. Not only will this give your gums a rest, but it’ll also reduce the chance of contracting oral thrush, also known as denture stomatitis.
  • While you’re asleep, soak your dentures in warm water or special denture solutions to prevents them from drying out and cracking.
  • Don’t use bleaching products to whiten or clean your denture. These products tend to weaken them, which enhances the chances of accidental damage, instead clean your denture using tooth brush and a special paste 
  • To prevent staining, try to avoid drinking tea, coffee, and red wine.
  • Brush your gums, tongue, inner cheeks root of your mouth, and any remaining teeth twice a day to remove plaque and debris.

Let your Dentist in Bali Family Dental Care know if :

  • Your denture feel loose and wobbling inside of your mouth.
  • Denture make your gum hurt due to pinch or scratching it.
  • Clicking sound when speaking.
  • Break, chip, tooth is fall out or have other damage or discoloration.
  • Times for general check-up to make sure everything still okay. 

Let us know if you want to book for an appointment or having a free consultation with our dentist.

Or view the denture treatment price list here.

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