Porcelain Crown Restoration 

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Dental porcelain crown restoration, is a tooth-shaped cap that restores a decayed, broken, weak or worn-down tooth. These  porcelain crown are crafted to encase compromised teeth, enhancing their shape, size, strength, and appearance while offering protection against decay. Dentists also use crowns to cover dental implants and root canal-treated teeth. Made from a variety of materials, including metal, resin and porcelain, crowns last between five and 15 years with proper care.

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Generally, some of the most common causes of getting a dental porcelain crown are:

  1. Protection and strengthen of Weak Teeth: Shields a vulnerable tooth, preventing it from breaking, and also best for addresses teeth that are already broken or severely worn teeth.
  2. Support as an enhancement for Large Fillings: Not all decay can be filled, some of large decay better to have a crown support to preventing it from breaking or having secondary decay or for a tooth that has undergone a root canal (especially posterior teeth)
  3. Bridge Support: Holds a dental bridge securely in place.
  4. For aesthetics purposes: to achieve a more beautiful smile by levelling the size, shape, and color of your teeth.
  5. Dental Implant Coverage: Conceals and supports a dental implant.
  6. Cosmetic enhancement : Facilitates aesthetic adjustments for an improved smile or aligning your bite.


In most cases, be ready to have a couple of appointments. It is not something a dentist can do in only one appointment, as we need to send the crown to the lab for production. But for most of the part, porcelain crown treatment consist of 2 basic visit as the following :

First visit

  • Preparing your tooth. The tooth is cleaned, reshaped, and tapered to accommodate the crown which can involve just the removal of decay, a root canal, or both. Your dentist may also use a filling material to build up certain parts of your tooth. The main goal is to create a strong and healthy foundation for your new crown to last long.
  • Colour match. The used of shade guide is quite important in this step to make sure the crown produced have the same colour as your original tooth coloured.
  • Dental impressions. An impression taken with a putty-like material or digital impressions taken with a handheld scanner to copy part of the tooth and sent to the laboratory for crown fabrication There, a technician will use them to create your custom dental crown.
  • Temporary crown placement. It usually takes three to seven days — sometimes longer — for a dental lab to make your new crown. A temporary crown which are usually made of resin or acrylic is fitted while awaiting the permanent one. 

Second visit

The lab will send the crown to the dentist once it ready, and the process of crown bonding procedure will start with : 

  • Remove your temporary crown.
  • Check the shape, color and fit of your new crown.
  • Bond the new crown to your tooth using a strong dental cement after everything okay.
  • Bite check

Third Visit

Only if the crown is not fit properly to the tooth or the colour is not match then the dentist will need to send it back to the lab for correction and sometimes it takes 1-2 days. The temporary will be placed again to protect your teeth.


There are many types of dental crowns. The kind that’s right for you depends on your personal preferences and unique oral health needs. In Bali Family Dental Care we specializes in FULL-Porcelain crowns, utilizing a zirconium core for enhanced crack resistance. All-ceramic or porcelain crowns mimic the appearance of tooth enamel more than any other crown type. They’re also a good choice if you have metal allergies and offer superior color matching

Lab technicians use many different materials to make ceramic crowns, but the most common one for Porcelain crown as the following :

Zirconium Crown: Made from solid monolithic zirconia ceramic, renowned for its strength, it also extremely durable and can withstand heavier forces than other types of ceramic crowns. It can be layered with porcelain for improved aesthetics and is suitable for use on back teeth.

E.Max® Crown: A leading all-ceramic restoration providing strength, durability, and exceptional aesthetics. Also known as the newest type of crown in dentistry today. It is a type of all-ceramic crown made of lithium disilicate (which is also light and thin).

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While no dental restoration is permanent, porcelain crowns typically last 10–20 years with proper care. Avoiding habits like nail-biting and refraining from chewing on hard items can extend their lifespan.

Aftercare: Maintain good oral hygiene, brushing twice daily, regular flossing, and limiting sugary foods. Mild discomfort post-treatment is normal and can be managed with pain relievers. Any persistent issues should be promptly addressed with the dental provider.

More information for how to take care of your new crown or bridge, click here.

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