Recommended Food and Habits after Teeth Whitening

After knowing what food and habits to avoid, it is time for you to know some recommended food you
can eat and the habits you can do after the procedure. Are you curious? Let’s check them out in the
next paragraphs. 

  1. Food and Drinks
    Some foods such as bananas, potatoes, low-fat yogurt, rice crispies, white onions, and crustless
    white bread are good to consume after doing teeth whitening. Also, chicken, turkey, egg whites, white fish, white pasta, and white rice will be okay after the procedure. Meanwhile, for the drinks, you can choose a white wine, water, coconut water, skimmed milk, vodka, gin, and sparkling water. Even though white wine is okay to consume after teeth whitening, red wine is not. 
  2. Habits
    What are the best habits that people do after their teeth whitening treatment? From using the straw to flossing regularly, here are several recommended dos for those who have just done a tooth whitening

Using straw
After doing your teeth whitening procedure, using a straw when you drink is a good thing to do.
This habit can help to minimize the contact between your teeth and the liquid. In this case, you
will minimize staining the teeth. 

Choosing smudge-proof lipstick
For all women, you need to choose a smudge-proof lip gloss or lipstick after your teeth whitening
procedures. Since ordinary lip gloss or lipstick can leave a permanent stain, you should apply the
smudge-proof one.

Taking the pain relievers
You can take the pain relievers like paracetamol or other medication for relief if you experience
pain after the procedure. Asking for the best pain relievers from your dentist is a good idea, so
you will get the best medicine.

Using maintenance products
Using teeth maintenance products is recommended to do, especially for those who have done
teeth whitening treatment. Those products will help to seal the whitening result and also
strengthen the tooth enamel at the same time. You can ask your dentist for a product

Rinsing your mouth
Keep your mouth clean after a meal. Rinse your mouth after a meal to ensure no food is left in
your mouth and teeth. Not only to keep the whitening result, but this habit will also help you to
have a healthier oral condition. 

Flossing regularly

Flossing your teeth regularly after the whitening treatment is also good for oral hygiene. It can
remove any leftover food in your teeth and any other harmful build-up that can cause teeth yellow.
Don’t overdo it because it may harm your gums. 

The Bottom Line
To get the best result from your teeth whitening procedure, you must see the dentist regularly after
the procedure. Not only checking the whitening result, but your dentist also will check on gum
problems, porous teeth, and cavities. You can make the appointment several weeks after you get
your teeth whitening treatment.

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