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Teeth whitening in Bali or many call it teeth bleaching is a dental treatment that enhance your smile by making it brighter or whiter. Teeth whitening in Bali is one of the most popular treatment for cosmetic rehabilitation as it is one of the easiest to do, quickest, and the least expensive comparing to other cosmetic dental treatment.

For those of you who have teeth that stained or yellow colour due to smoking, likes to drink coffee or tea, red wine, or eat any color food or drink is eligible to have this teeth whitening in Bali Family Dental Care.

With an almost 100% satisfaction rate, we offer a very effective and professional teeth whitening in Bali service for a very affordable price and package. The most important thing is this teeth whitening (or bleaching) treatment is safe and effective to brighten your smile, especially during holiday in Bali.


Teeth whitening (or bleaching) in Bali Family Dental Care is done by our professional dentist in Bali that already have more than 10 years of experience in this industry. Supported by the best and most popular bleaching material which able to give the shocking and satisfying improvement in your teeth whitening journey with an affordable teeth whitening cost. FYI, we have a free consultation with our dentist in Bali to get more full information for teeth whitening procedure or teeth whitening cost and package.

Teeth whitening in Bali options range from toothpaste with whitening ingredients to professional teeth whitening sessions overseen by your dentist. Our dentist in Bali Family Dental Care will provide you with two options for teeth whitening procedure. 

Chair-side teeth whitening 

Many over-the-counter (OTC) Chair-side teeth whitening or also known as in office or chair-side teeth whitening treatment use hydrogen peroxide to break down and minimize stains on your teeth. Carbamide peroxide, another oxidizing ingredient, is also often used. These chemicals can be aggressive and irritating to your body in higher doses. That’s why it’s extra important that you use teeth whitening products as directed and do it with a capable and professional medical dentist.

In-office or chair-side teeth whitening use a higher concentrations of active ingredients (around 30-40%) to achieve a quicker visible results. 

In-office or chair-side teeth whitening in Bali family dental care may require several sessions (each session normally 10 to 15 minutes) in order for you to get your teeth as white as you would like, and approximately 2 hours of treatment time include teeth scaling. 

Our dentist in Bali will initially covered the gum with protective substances to protect your gum from having in contact with bleaching agent. Then activation of the bleaching agent with LED blue light for 10 to 15 minutes is started. Our dentist in Bali will repeat the process for 3 or 4 times. 

Home whitening (bleaching) or DIY teeth whitening at home

Home whitening (bleaching) kits involve placing a whitening agent in a mouthguard and then cover your teeth with it. Certain at-home kits have a heat lamp, blue light, or UV light within the mouthguard to “radiate” the whitening paste.

A custom mouth guard which made by our dentist in Bali can keep the bleaching agent on your teeth to increase its absorption and limit how much of the whitening solution comes in contact with your gums. Normally 10 percent carbamide is used overnight for at home whitening kit. You will need to use the home whitening (bleaching) kit every day for several weeks to see visible results. 

Still hesitate to do teeth whitening or not? this guide can help you to decide.


In office or chair-side whitening result are instantly noticeable within before and after photos of your treatment. Our dentist in Bali will measure your teeth colour using a tooth colour shade guide. As for home whitening (bleaching) may take several weeks to see a change and we recommend taking a photo of your teeth when you start the  home whitening (bleaching) treatment, so you can monitor your results over time. Some of the home whitening product provide a colour shade guide too, but some are not.

How many shade your teeth can become whiter?

While in office or chair-side teeth whitening can provide you with a smile up to 5 until 8 times brighter and whiter, it’s not a guarantee that you’ll achieve these results (in one appointment). This is because how white your teeth will get is all dependent on your current teeth situation, is there any existing stains and everyone’s favorite – genetics. When you visit our dentist in Bali Family Dental Care for a teeth whitening consultation, after a thorough examination of your teeth, our doctors can help set realistic expectations for your treatment session. And it’s important that you express how white you’re hoping your teeth can get so that, our dentist in Bali can give you the best possible treatment option for your case.

How long will the results last?

In office or chair-side teeth whitening treatments can last for months or even years, but the effects will fade more quickly if you have a habit of smoking or consume foods and drinks that cause staining like coffee, tea, red wine, etc. The results of whitening that you do with our dentist in Bali actually can be prolonged by combining chair-side teeth whitening treatment with a home whitening (bleaching) treatment every 4 – 6 weeks. This is a great way to maintain results without any needs to come to a dentist for teeth whitening multiple times. 


Temporary tooth sensitivity is the most common side effect of teeth whitening treatment. It can happen during the process of teeth whitening in Bali or after the tooth whitening is finish. Mouth and gum irritation also common to happen, sometimes the whitening gel also comes in contact with the gum or lips accidentally which makes the bleach/white colour appear on the gum or lips and give you a sore sensation. 

You may also experience increased tooth sensitivity after whitening with an at-home kit or at the dentist’s office. Tooth sensitivity can occur when consuming particularly hot or cold food and drinks. It can also feel like a sharp pain in your tooth, sometimes out of nowhere. 

Please do not worry if one of the side effect happen during your teeth whitening session in Bali Family Dental Care, our dentist will help you to handle the situation properly and this sensitivity that occur after teeth bleaching treatment should be temporary.

Getting your teeth whitened repeatedly or using tooth whitening kits for longer than the recommended duration can result in permanent damage to your tooth enamel, so make sure you read the home-whitening kit instruction properly or consult with your dentist for the best safe and reliable result.

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