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We provide the best service with reliable health workers and sophisticated equipment which are always kept clean and sterilized in order to keep your charming smile.

A charming smile starts with healthy teeth. Healthy teeth can be obtained by always maintaining the cleanliness of your teeth and doing regular check-ups to the dentist every 6 months.

Our Dentist were trained to give the best treatment plan and give any advice that you need, to make your teeth maintenance easy and effective. They also not focusing on your main problem only, but through the whole factor that makes the main problem happen. So please do not hesitate to explain more about your situation.

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dr. Adhi

Head Dentist

dr. Adhi already have 10 years of experience in full mouth rehabilitation, smile make over, and root canal treatment. He also was trained by German dentist and german technician in the past that build up his skill and knowledge, He treated many patient from across the country. We trust him to lead the team.

dr. Hari


dr. Tamara


dr. Reza





Front office


dental nurse


Dental Hygienist


Dental nurse