How To: Luxury Travel To Bali

Do you want to experience luxury travel to Bali? There is nothing wrong with rewarding yourself with luxury trips to Bali after working out so hard and giving out your best. Bali is indeed a perfect destination to have a luxury vacation. Here is how you can spend a luxury holiday in Bali.

Take a Business Class Flight

Start your fancy vacation by taking a business class flight. Especially if your hometown is far away from Bali, why don’t you comfortably spend your time on a plane? There are many great facilities that you can enjoy if you take a business class, such as a more spacious seat, entertainment to prevent boredom, and delicious meals.

Stay in a Luxury Resort

Once you have touched down Bali, stay in a luxury resort where you can enjoy world-class amenities and services. Bali has plenty of fancy accommodations, such as The St. Regis Bali Resort where Tom Holland and Chris Hemsworth once stayed there. Or you can choose the famous The Mulia Resort & Hotel where Irene of Red Velvet and Yoona of SNSD stayed.

Have a Dinner in a Fancy Restaurant

Culinary is something you should not miss when travelling. Continue your luxury travel to Bali by having a fancy dinner in a fine dining restaurant that you can easily find in Seminyak. Treat your sense of taste with a full-set course, from entrée, main course, to dessert. Some recommended fine dining restaurants in Bali are The Plantation Grill, The Restaurant at The Legian, and Teatro Gastroteque.

Shopping and Shopping!

Bali is also a paradise for shopaholics. If you love shopping in malls, Bali has some big ones. Prefer to shop for cultural, traditional accessories? You can even find accessories stalls along the streets in Bali. Bali has a lot of local craftsmen who produce beautiful traditional crafts, such as statues and bags.

If you want to buy souvenirs, you can visit the popular Toko Krisna and The Keranjang. While for the malls, you can visit Mall Bali Galeria, Beachwalk Shopping Centre, and Discovery Shopping Mall.

Do a smile makeover treatment

Medical tourism is quite common nowadays in Bali. You can have Botox, or any esthetic treatment, and dental from dentist routine checkup and smile makeover treatment with implant and esthetic dentist specialist are available. You can have a visit to Bali Family Dental Care as one of the dental practice or clinic that cover all of those treatment. You can also check dentist work in here.

Enjoy a Perfect Spa

Complete your luxury vacation in Bali by having a relaxing treatment in an expensive spa. Once you have explored Bali and shopped things, get yourself relaxed with quality treatment for your body, from head to toe. One of the hype spas in Bali is in Karma Kandara Resort in Uluwatu. Here, you can enjoy fancy spa treatment while looking at the amazing beauty of the Indian Ocean. Ready to have a luxury travel to Bali?

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