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Premium Quality? Bali Family Dental Care is the answer. Dental care at Bali Family Dental Care prioritizes premium, best, and comprehensive quality covering all aspects of dental health.

Our dentists and nurses team are always ready to provide the best service for healing and successful treatment that you do at BFDC.

Preventive Treatment

  • Dental check up
  • Prevention & education
  • Dental spa
  • Dental White Filling
  • Dental simple extraction
  • Home whitening
  • Emergency treatment

Advanced Treatment

  • Dental Esthetic Filling
  • Dental Surgical Extraction
  • Chairside Teeth Whitening
  • Dental White Filling
  • Orthodontic Braces I
  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Periodontal Treatment

Complicated Treatment

  • Odontectomy/Wisdom Teeth Extraction
  • Root Canal Re-reatment
  • Orthodontic Braces II

Restorative Treatment

  • Removable Denture
  • Fixed Prosthesis
    • Porcelain Emax Crown /Bridges/Inlay/Onlay/Veneer
    • Zirconium Crown/Bridge
    • Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown/Bridge
    • Full Metal Crown/Inlay/Onlay

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You can contact us via Whatsapp, email, or social media to ask for information regarding dental treatment or book an appoinment with our dentist


Our dentist will check your teeth and let you know what problem that you have in your mouth, they also will answer your question regarding any dental health issue that you concern. 

Dental Treatment

We always give premium quality treatment and excellence service through all the treatment that we do in Bali Family Dental Care


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Ibu Denik Patient

Tempatnya bersih banget. Pelayanan yang diberikan sangat memuaskan, apalagi dokternya ramah banget dan ngerjain giginya bener-bener telaten. Pokoknya recommended banget.

Ibu Dewi Patient

Dental clinic paling TOP BGT, siap melayani saat pandemi, dokternya 100% sabar dan ramah, pokoknya the best lah.

Ibu Nandini Patient

Pelayanannya sangat memuaskan. Dokter beserta staff nya sangat ramah dan memberikan penjelasan mendetail. totally recommended.

Ibu Daivi Patient

Great service, good equipment, very professional and the Dentists' explanation is also very thorough.

Bapak Hartawan Patient

The tools and services provided are very good. The doctor is also very communicative. Complaints: tartar, and gums are always bleeding. But after scaling here, no more blood comes out, and bad breath also disappears.