Porcelain veneer


Dental veneers or most of the time called porcelain veneer, are a thin layer, custom-made shells that are bonded to the front of the teeth surface and made of tooth-colored materials, and specially designed to change your appearance. With Porcelain Veneer, our dentist is able to change their color, shape, size, or length of your original teeth. Porcelain veneers made from porcelain which normally called Lithium disilicate or with a popular brand name EMAX. Porcelain veneers able to resist against stain that normally appear on the surface of normal tooth that can change the tooth color. Litium disilicate material also have more of the light-reflecting features of natural teeth. Enamel removal from your teeth is still needed in order to make room for veneer and custom-fit the veneers to the tooth. The enamel removal also makes the surface of your teeth rough and helps keep the veneers in place.


Consist of 3 to 4 appointment in between, with 5 to 8 days production time in the dental laboratory depend on how many veneer that you need.

  • 1st appointment or day 1 – For consultation or if possible our dentist will do the preparation/grinding your tooth directly and create an impression/mold for our Lab to create the veneer. You will have temporary before leaving the clinic.
  • 2nd appointment or day 6/10 – For fitting the veneer. Our dentist will check the fitting of your new veneer on top of your tooth, check contact between each tooth, check color and shape to make sure it has the same color as the other tooth or as we plan in the beginning. Once the checking process is over, and you satisfied with the result our dentist will glue the veneer permanently, if not, then our dentist will send the veneer back to the lab for correction, and you will need to come back again next appointment (normally Lab will need 1 or 2 days for correction)
  • 3rd appointment is for follow up process once the crown has been glued on your tooth. Our dentist will need to do further bite check to make sure the bite is not too high, and further cleaning from excess glue.


  • Tooth that are discolored because of : root canal treatment, stains from tetracycline or other drugs, excessive fluoride, large resin fillings. 
  • Tooth that already worn down due to excessive working load, chipped, and broken.
  • Teeth that are misalign (crooked, uneven) or oddly shaped.
  • Teeth that have gaps between them (to close the space)


  • Porcelain veneer comparing to a crown doesn’t need a lot of shaping, just in the front and probably side surface of the tooth.
  • Porcelain veneer looks like natural tooth after final bonding 
  • It is not easily stained as other material like resin
  • You can choose personalized color for your own veneer
  • Porcelain material is biocompatible with the gum.


  • Sensitivity due to tooth grinding
  • Most of the time crown is build on tooth that suffer from decay that sometime already close to the nerve, this can cause pain if the nerve is failing.
  • Porcelain veneer can be chipped or broken 
  • Porcelain veneer can become loose and fall off from your tooth.
  • The veneer procedure cannot be undone once we make it.
  • Veneer is not a good treatment option for those who have bruxism/tooth grinding, big decay, gum disease, or those who already loose the enamel part of their tooth


1 Porcelain crown is Rp 4,500,000. or check price list here


  • Full mouth rehabilitation
  • Smile make over
  • Root canal treatment 

    porcelain veneer; dentist in bali

    porcelain veneer; dentist in bali
    Before after hollywood smile makeover case with porcelain veneer case 1

    porcelain veneer; dentist in bali

    porcelain veneer; dentist in bali
    Before after hollywood smile makeover case with porcelain veneer case 2