Reasons Why You Must Have Trips To Indonesia

Located in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is an archipelago state that you should put in your list of traveling destinations. This beautiful country has a lot of places to explore, one most popular is Bali. Tourists across the globe already has trips to Bali and they always have memorable moments there. If you still doubt traveling to this country, here are the reasons why you should have trips to Indonesia.

So Many Affordable Tourist Spots

With more than 17,000 islands, Indonesia has a lot of white-sands beaches and most of them are affordable to visit. There are many beaches that only charge you for the parking fee, and it is super affordable. At those beaches, you can enjoy the beauty of nature while doing some water activities, such as swimming and snorkelling.

For you who love to learn about culture and historical sites, Indonesia has thousands of temples spread throughout the country. There are more than 6,000 temples in Bali! Even though some temples charge you for the entrance fee, there are ones that you can visit for free, such as Taman Saraswati Temple in Ubud, Bali.

In Yogyakarta, there are festivals that you can enjoy for free. Yogyakarta also has local craftsmen who allow you to see their works and how they produce crafts.

Foods Are Affordable as Well

Besides affordable tourist spots, local foods in Indonesia are affordable as well. This is another great reason why you should have trips to Indonesia. Travelling in Indonesia won’t make you broke. Tips: avoid having meals in tourist areas. Instead, find food stalls and markets where the locals mostly have their meals.

For example, night markets in Seminyak and Sanur serve various traditional foods at affordable prices. There are a bunch of delicious Indonesian foods that you have to try, such as nasi goreng, rendang, and bakso.

Affordable Accommodations

High seasons in Indonesia reach the peak in January, August, September, and December. This means costs of accommodation tend to increase in these months. So, it is better to visit Indonesia in low seasons, which are in February, March, October, and November. You will likely easily find affordable hotels in these months.

You may find cheap places to stay in places like Bukit Lawang in Sumatera, which cost only US$5 per night. However, be careful with pricier destinations, such as Raja Ampat, Labuan Bajo, and Bali. In Bali areas like Ubud, Legian, and Kuta, accommodations range from US$10 to US$100 per night.

Are you ready to take trips to Indonesia?

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