Teeth Whitening Aftercare Tips You Must Know

After doing teeth whitening, it doesn’t mean that you don’t care about aftercare. This step is important
to do to get the best result from the treatment. In this case, you must follow several tips and
instructions recommended by the dentist. 
The instructions themselves are divided into two main ideas. The first is what food and habits you
must avoid, while the other is all food and habits you must do. Get to know the details of every
aftercare tip on teeth whitening in the following explanations. Let’s check them out.

Food and Habit to Avoid after Teeth Whitening
After teeth whitening treatment, you cannot ignore what food and drink you consume. The drastic
change in your diet without any limitation can cause the failure of the treatment itself. Thus, avoiding
some food and drink for the first 24 to 48 hours can ensure that you will not see the dentist soon. 
Besides, avoiding this food and habits helps you protect your teeth. In the first 48 hours after the
procedure, the teeth’ enamel is still open, which makes them susceptible to stains. That is why check
the list of food and habits you have to avoid below. 

  1. Food and Drink
    For food you need to avoid, there are fruit or veggie juice, chocolates, beets, red sauces, margarine,
    and butter. Some vegetables like spinach and broccoli are not recommended for you. Other food that is not good for teeth after the whitening procedure is fruit juices like berries, tomatoes, and oranges. In addition, beer, carbonated drinks, energy drinks, coffee, and teas have to be avoided too. 
  2. Habits
    Moreover, you need to remember that several habits below are not good for your aftercare teeth
    whitening. Indeed, the consequence of doing the habits below will cause the failure of your procedure. So, what are they?

Smoking Frequently

Smoking frequently after the teeth whitening treatment can reverse the effect. The tobacco in
cigarettes will lead to yellow teeth. When you cannot quit this habit, at least you lessen it after the

Consuming extremely cold and hot drinks

Do you like consuming extremely cold and hot food and drinks? It is a bad habit of yours. The
extreme temperature change will make the teeth expand and contract. The result is your teeth will
stain easily. 
This habit is also bad even when you don’t go for teeth whitening procedures. The effect of
extreme temperature can cause your teeth to get damaged. Cavity and porous teeth are some
effects of this bad habit.

Using a home whitening kit

After your teeth whitening treatment, you shouldn’t use your home whitening kit first. It must do to
avoid an over-whiten treatment which leads to weakening your teeth. You can wait for at least a
month or two before deciding to use the whitening kit again.

Using old toothpaste

After the teeth whitening procedure, you need to change to whitening toothpaste. This toothpaste
will penetrate the enamel and reduce stains. When you use your old non-whitening toothpaste,
you may not get the best result from your treatment. 

Brushing the teeth rarely

After you get a tooth whitening procedure, it doesn’t mean that you can brush your teeth rarely.
You need to keep oral hygiene. When you brush it rarely, it will shorten the dental procedure you
have done. In the end, you may need to see the dentist several times in a short period for the
same treatment.

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