Getting used to your new dentures and the best ways to care for them

After getting new dentures, you need to learn how to get used to them. On top of that, you also need to know how to properly take care of them. Luckily for you, getting used to new dentures and taking care of them is not very difficult to do.

As you probably have already experienced, full lower dentures will feel very loose, to begin with. And learning how to wear new dentures also takes practice. That is why you need a couple of tips that will help you get used to your dentures and care for them.

The Adjustment Period

During the adjustment period, you can expect a couple of things. Of course, you need to leave your dentures in for 24 hours at first. You will experience a couple of things, including increased salivation and feelings of fullness. However, these things will decrease over time.

You will find that sucking a sweet can help your mouth accept the new dentures sooner. You should also expect sore spots to appear during the adjustment period, which can be very uncomfortable. However, these things will get better over time.

How to Eat with Your New Dentures

The next thing you need to get used to is eating with your new dentures. You will have less amount of chewing space since new dentures tend to build up. That is why you should put smaller pieces of food while you are eating. You should also avoid sticky foods as often as you can.

How to Talk with Your New Dentures

The most important thing to remember while learning how to talk with your dentures is to be patient since it takes time. You might need to re-educate your facial and oral muscles to stabilize your new dentures. However, the crowing and feeling of fullness will reduce with time.

The Aftercare of Your New Dentures

You should know a couple of dos and don’ts of your dentures’ aftercare. You should not leave your dentures in when you sleep since you might swallow partial dentures. Other than that, you should also brush your tongue and gums twice a day for the best oral hygiene practice. You should also clean and massage your gums and dentures daily.

Getting used to new dentures can be tricky. However, once you have gotten all of the steps down, you will be able to get used to your dentures without any problem at all. That is all you need to know about adjusting and taking care of your new dentures.

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